How to Understand the Basics of Laws About Identity Theft

Why is a Chicago identity theft lawyer so important?  Every year, 15 million people in the US have their identities stolen. This could be a single charge on a debit card, a big loan, or a credit card scam.  This can cause a big loss of money.  About $50 billion is lost every year because of identity theft.  In the United States, identity theft is more popular than in other countries. At some point in their lives, one in three Americans has had their name stolen. Even though there are many reasons why this happens, it is possible that more people will be harmed by identity theft in the years to come.

If you need an identity theft lawyer in Chicago, call Cook Law. They can help you figure out if you have a good case.  Tell us if you want to know more about how to protect yourself from being a victim, and we can help you find ways to do so.

Lawyers at Cook Law have a lot of experience with cases of identity theft. We work hard so that people who steal identities and other people who are to blame can be held accountable for their actions or lack of action. Our identity theft lawyers have helped people rebuild their good names, credit scores, and reputations after their identities were stolen for a long time.

If someone stole your name, you should talk to a lawyer right away. The lawyers at Cook Law may be able to help you get money and other damages back.

What is Identity Theft in Chicago and how can you spot it?

Identity theft in Chicago can include a wide range of situations in which a bad person takes control of your personal information without your permission.  There are usually six types of identity theft. Among these are:

New Account Fraud is when someone uses a person's personal information to open up new accounts in their name. Some examples are bank accounts, credit card accounts, and phone accounts.

Account takeover fraud is when someone with bad intentions uses another person's financial and personal assets for their own gain by getting into their account and stealing the assets. Some examples could be using a current credit card account or taking money out of a bank account.

Stealing someone's identity When someone commits a crime, they may pretend to be someone else so that the crime doesn't show up on their own record.

Medical identity theft is when someone uses another person's name and insurance information to get medical care or prescription drugs without their permission. This is one of the most risky ways to steal someone's name because it can lead to a lot of problems. The notes found on the victim's medical chart, which could be fatal, could lead to bad and possibly fatal medical choices in the future if a doctor uses false information to give treatment to someone who may not need it.

Business or Commercial Identity Theft: When a person, usually a current or former employee, applies for credit in a company's name.

Identity cloning: This is a type of identity theft that can take many forms. The thief takes over a person's life in every way by using their name.  It happens more often than you might think in Chicago.

How to tell if your identity has been stolen in Chicago.

Keeping an eye on your funds is one of the best ways to avoid being a victim of identity theft in Chicago. If you are always in charge of your funds, it will be easier to find and deal with cases of identity theft.

You may find out that someone has stolen your name in one of the following ways:

  • Check your bank account for strange charges.
  • A loan or line of credit is being turned down because of something bad that happened with your accounts.
  • Credit report mistakes and flaws
  • Your bank account will tell you about any costs that are strange or very high.
  • Your credit card company may tell you about a charge on your account that looks suspicious.

By downloading your mobile banking app, you can see what charges have been made to your account. Banks use advanced technology to find strange charges. Tell your bank where you'll be going soon so they don't cancel your card while you're away. If you need to charge more than the cap for the day, give them a call. Some banks will not accept it or will mark it as fake.  Most banking institutions do their best to stop identity theft in Chicago.  Make sure to ask your bank what they are doing to help.

How should I start? Should I call a Chicago Lawyer for Identity Theft?

Calling Chicago identity theft lawyers may help get the process started so that you can contact the right organizations.  In all of these cases, you need to be able to ask questions quickly. When a friend or family member asks, "Who do I call about identity theft?" The account manager for the credit line in question should be the first person you call. If a debit card is involved, the bank should be responsible. If your credit card information is used to try to steal your name, your credit card company may stop or freeze your card. If you find mistakes on your credit report, you should contact the credit reporting service right away. They will help you stop any more deals from happening.

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Why is a Chicago identity theft lawyer so important?  Every year, 15 million people in the US have their identities stolen. This could be a single charge on a debit card, a big loan, or a credit card scam.  This can cause a big loss of money.  About $50 billion is lost every year because…